Abjad Numbers

Abjad Numbers

ABJAD Numbers are the base of renowned numbers normally used by Muslims
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ABJAD Numbers are the base of renowned numbers like 786, 92 etc. normally used by Muslims for Bismillah-ar-Rahmaan-ar -Raheem & Mohammad (pbh).It is a fact that there are several mysteries of these numbers and are also followed in English (ABCD) as well as by Jews.

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  • Question: What is the use of knowing the Abjad value of one's name? How can I determine if the Abjad value of my name is good or bad or what does it signify?

    The only thing I can recommend is the Wikipedia's entry related to the Abjad Numbers and their meaning. After you'll read the article on Wikipedia, you'll understand what is the importance of these numbers and how you can calculate yours, if the software allows it. Access the Wikipedia link below. If you want it in another language, use the menu on the left.

    Wikipedia's entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abjad_numerals

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